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Help and advice for health and safety in the office

If you employ 5 or more people, you must perform a risk assessment, it's a legal requirement.

Essentially, you're making sure that your business provides a safe working environment, and complies with the health and safety law.

No matter how large or small your business, you're responsible for the safety of all those who work in your business — its employees, and visitors.

The aim of a risk assessment is to identify potential dangers in the office, then eliminated, reduced and control them to provide a safe working environment. The law doesn't expect you to reduce all risks, but it does require that you put measures in place to protect people by controlling them.

Often, as a company, you will know your business better than any outsider. Risk assessment is not complex, but you will need to be objective, with a realistic approach to what constitutes a risk, when, and to whom.

You must appoint someone competent to perform your health and safety duties. 'Competent', means someone with the skills, knowledge and experience to manage your health and safety. This could be someone from within your organisation, it could even be yourself, or you may choose to work with an independent health and safety advisor (such as The Health and Safety Manager).

If you are not confident about your ability of those in your offices to manage health and safety, then external advice is the best option, and should ensure you're working within health and safety law.

Essentially you'll need to:

  • Have a written health and safety policy (essential if you have 5 or more employees)
  • Manage the risks in your office
  • Consult your employees
  • Provide information and training
  • Provide the right facilities in your office
  • Manage first aid, accidents and ill health
  • Display the health and safety law poster
  • Get insurance for your business
  • Keep up to date with health and safety law and any changes to it.

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